Hairdresser for women and mens in Corvara, Alta Badia

Technique, style and quality in one, for your beauty.
In this elegant and exclusive room for unique hairstyles, you are going to be supervised by a team with experience and professionalism.

Salon Ariane has become a reality, for a rapid time in the execution of all services. Specialized in eyelash perm, Make-Up, three tone coloration, fashionable hairstyles, as well as trendcuts and different strands techniques. This is the right place for those who want refresh and renew its own image.

In the salon there are also children welcome. For the kids, we have a variety of game possibilities, so their parents can relax effortlessly.


Tuesday - Saturday: 8:30 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 19:00
Thursday: 8:30 - 19:00
Sunday – Monday: closed

+39 0471 830151

Our services

  • permanent wave
  • traditional permanent wave
  • basic wave for more volume
  • partial perm for targeted durability
  • eyelash perm instead eyelash curler
  • coloration - intense coloration - semi-intensive Coloration
  • mèches - Quick mèches / T-mèches - Fish mèches / comb mèches
  • sun streaks specialized in coloration and strands in one
  • styling, finish u. makeup
  • water- / hair wave
  • clip-on / stagnol wave
  • natural wave
  • trend cuts
  • bridal makeup
  • dayly- / ball makeup products and special treatments for hair and scalp
  • nail art - nail studio

Sauna and Solarium


Coldness, harsh climates and darkness - the winter is for our wellbeing as well as for our skin a "challenge". What speaks against it to get in the next Sun Studio the long awaited suntan? Basically nothing when you are ready, but there are a few essential basic rules to follow.

Solariums as an alternative to natural sunlight are available even during bad weather and in the winter.

Positive aspects of modern UV radiation
Handling the artificial sun, it doesn't bring any risks within, just the opposite, their heat does naturally good and can even expel bad mood and - combined with light therapy – it can also heal winter depressions.

Using the example of acne, has been shown that UV radiation also relieves skin problems significantly, also, the use of artificial sunlight has proven in the treatment of many skin diseases such as neurodermatitis.

In any case you should pay attention when using a solarium on it to maintain certain rules of conduct. The number of sun baths per year (natural and artificial radiation) should not exceed 50 times. People suffering from a skin disease, should definitely consult their doctor. Always wear eye protection from UV-impermeable plastics.


The „Isola Bella“ can be seen as a holistic wellness concept for body, mind and senses. All the amenities of a sauna, a steam bath, an infrared cabin, a fitness device and the relaxing effects of aroma-, light- and music therapy are combined in this unique product and bring the blood circulation with only one session in a smooth way back into balance!

The Sauna is similar to the Roman baths and hammam, wich has been known for thousands of years. The basic principle of this unique spa cabin is the HydroSoft heat, this is the combination of infrared heat and steam (but not to be compared with a conventional steam bath or a sauna!).

  • The cabin temperature is only 25-35 ° C The Isola Bella is therefore excellently suited for all ages!
  • The relative humidity is between 70-90% The immune system and metabolism are stimulated!
  • Mucous membranes and bronchi are reassured!
  • The inhalation effect (enriched with herbs steam) helps to prevent against coughs and sneezes!
  • The acid content in the body is balanced! Holistic and gentle body warming, ensures better blood circulation!
  • Cleansing and detoxifying the body without heart and circulatory stress!

Location at Corvara in Alta Badia

Alta BadiaSouth Tyrol